New review in School Library Journal

I would love to see Visiting Feelings in every school library and counselor’s office!

Rubenstein, Lauren. Visiting Feelings. illus. by Shelly Hehenberger. 32p. Magination. 2013. Tr $14.95. ISBN 9781433813399. LC 2013001222.

K-Gr 3–Through a poetic text, children are encouraged to identify and explore their emotions. “Do you have a feeling/that’s visiting today?/Can you open your door/and invite it to play?/Can you ask what it wants,/and then check it out?” Readers are asked to embrace their feelings, to treat them like friends. Feelings are described through the use of similes and metaphors: “Is it sharp like stepping/on stones with bare feet?/Or smooth like ice cream–your favorite treat?” They are also personified: “Is it warm or cold?/Sour or sweet?/Does it shiver with fear/when the two of you meet?” The full-page, digitally created illustrations feature hand-painted textures and overlays. They have a dreamy quality as the feelings swirl around the youngsters in soft pastel colors. The end pages offer additional information for parents. The high-quality, appealing art will hold the attention of younger children, but discussion will be necessary for understanding this lyrical flow of moods. Paired with Wendy Cooper’s A Is Amazing: Poems About Feelings (Frances Lincoln, 2013), the book has a lot of potential for teaching students how to describe their reactions to different situations. –Sandra Welzenbach, Villarreal Elementary School, San Antonio, TX



Where we feel our feelings: new research

Researchers have long known that emotions are connected to a range of physiological changes, from nervous job candidates’ sweaty palms to the racing pulse that results from hearing a strange noise at night. But new research reveals that emotional states are universally associated with certain bodily sensations, regardless of individuals’ culture or language.

Check out this article from Discover Magazine: