CalmHeart Practice


Dr. Rubenstein is a clinical psychologist in private practice offering Teletherapy from Chevy Chase, MD. She helps her clients find inner peace by blending clinical psychology, yoga and mindfulness skills into psychotherapy. She is also a registered children’s and adult yoga teacher (CRYT, ERYT-200), iRest® meditation teacher in training, and Mindful Schools teacher. She offers these practices in workshops and ongoing groups as well as individual therapy; and in inpatient and outpatient mental health settings.

With interest and experience working with clients of all ages, Dr. Rubenstein views psychotherapy as a collaborative process. Ongoing discussion determines the most helpful approach — whether traditional insight-oriented therapy to deepen self-understanding; mindfulness practices to cultivate awareness and compassion; cognitive-behavioral interventions for symptom relief; mind-body medicine for regulating the nervous system; or a unique blend. With advanced training in yoga and meditation, Dr. Rubenstein typically interweaves clinical psychology with yoga and mindfulness-based practices for a holistic, mind-body approach that focuses on wellness. Special interests include anxiety, depression, parenting, highly sensitive children, stress management, and trauma recovery.

Dr. Rubenstein has facilitated a mind-body study group for professional peers at the Washington School of Psychiatry, and co-lead an IMCW meditation sangha for therapists, and taught for IMCW’s Family Program.

Mindfulness, Meditation & Yoga

Dr. Rubenstein teaches private and group sessions in a number of settings. For more information, please email