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Editorial Reviews

Visiting Feelings presents an exquisite lesson in mindfulness and dealing with emotions by letting children know it s OK to feel however they may and simply embrace the experience. The book stresses that feelings are neither bad nor good, they just are. Welcoming your feelings in, and actually making friends with them, is the best way to learn more about yourself and what your emotions are trying to teach you. The lesson is simple yet deep and playfully accessible for children and adults alike. —

This lyrically illustrated beauty of a book is the doorway into accepting feelings that arise and accepting oneself for experiencing those feelings. From the first page through the last, a light-hearted, rhyming poem encourages the young reader to welcome and listen to feelings, as though they are visitors, inquiring into shape, color image,location in the body, and the origin of the feeling. In the author s note to parents, she includes activities adults and children can do together to increase meaning and connection between them, along with breathing and self-awareness exercises.
Written by a psychologist and yoga teacher, this book belongs on the shelf of everyone who serves children parents, grandparents, therapists, aunts, uncles and teachers. — Amy Weintraub, LifeForce Yoga

A beautifully illustrated children s book; a soft poem that is a lullaby to children in preschool or primary grades that takes a mindfulness-based approach to the many feelings that children will experience…Visiting Feelings by Lauren Rubenstein, a clinical psychologist, and illustrated by Shelly Hehenberger is one of those books you can cuddle up and read with a child on the couch or before bedtime. — Lily Eskelsen, Vice President, National Education Association

Parents’ Reviews

This is a children’s book for the ages! “Visiting Feelings” is magnificently illustrated and playfully written. It invites children to explore and welcome all of their feelings, without feeling threatened or judged. Lauren Rubenstein uses poetry, imagery and mesmerizing illustrations to help children “embrace” their feelings, rather than deny or resist them. It makes all feelings safe to have. My friend’s child read it and remarked, “it just makes you feel good to read it. You kind of want to read it again and stare at the pictures.”
Visiting Feelings is targeted to children, but it will resonate with everyone who reads it. I highly recommend it! — Susan

I am a physician and mother of 4 children – ages 5-11 – all of whom are in therapy of some sort following my divorce from their father. We have all enjoyed reading this book and discussing our feelings. It’s a great way to bring up feelings with them, and to bring up how we sometimes feel without it seeming like I’m forcing the issue on them. Wonderful book and helpful tool. — Rachel Hammel

Visiting Feelings is a wonderful book I’ve been reading to my kiddos ages 3 and 5. It is so important for children to learn about feelings but most importantly acknowledging that the feeling is there, accepting it and then moving on in a positive manner. I love the title of the book. Feelings can come and visit us any time of the day and it is so important to know how to learn to deal with them positively. Thank you for this book! I hope a lot of people young and old get to read it!! — Denise Velez

This is a book that should be in every parent’s possession, every nursery and elementary school, everywhere. Like “The Giving Tree” this is the “other book” that every child will love to have on their bookshelf for life. — Douglas Levin

Teachers’ Reviews

As a children’s yoga and mindfulness teacher and trainer, I’m always in search of books and resources to use and recommend. Well, this book is an absolute GEM and has gained a prominent place on my bookshelf! Many books on feelings focus on recognizing emotions, which is important, but “Visiting Feelings” goes well beyond that, walking children (and adults!) through recognizing, being with and processing their feelings with some level of detachment, providing an important life skill and recognition that our feelings are always changing, are impermanent. Understanding this fundamental concept allows children to be with their feelings without being INVESTED in them, which is a crucial skill in being able to self-regulate. I am grateful for this very special book and look forward to recommending this fantastic book in our kids’ yoga teacher trainings and workshops for educators! Well done!!! — Lisa Flynn, E-RYT, RCYT, Founder of ChildLight Yoga and Yoga 4 Classrooms

Visiting Feelings has been a huge hit with my PK, Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade students this week!
Here are some highlights:
“This book makes me feel relaxed” -1st grade student
“I like this book because the pictures are peaceful” -Kindergarten student
“Sometimes we can have more than one feeling at the same time” -2nd grade student
“Feelings happen when good or bad things happen, like when your friend says I’m not your friend anymore then you feel sad” -Kindergarten student
“I feel sad because my mom never lets me eat ice cream” -PK student
Students have been sharing their feelings with one another and expressing them through yoga movements! Thank you Lauren for this amazing book! Rhiannon Landesberg

Mental Health Professionals’ Reviews

I am constantly looking for good resources to share with parents and teachers. Lauren Rubenstein’s Visiting Feelings has not only given me a wonderful resource for trainees, but a wonderful go-to read for my own family. Beautifully written with gorgeous illustrations, Lauren makes the abstract concept of mindfulness accessible to all parents and children. The simple story helps children understand the organic nature of feelings and how to experience them as a thoughtful observer, rather than letting feelings define who we are. Lauren also provides a wonderful Note to Parents section that will be so helpful for Mindful Parents looking to expand a family practice. —Kristen Race, Ph.D.

I love this book! I’m a child psychotherapist — and I’m using this book with a 1st grade girl and her mom — to help them BOTH self-soothe. — Laurie

Children’s Reviews

I like the book “Visiting Feelings” for many reasons. I like how it encourages you to imagine your feelings in a new way. I also enjoy it because it shows how to explore more in your feelings than usual. The book shows how to absorb your feelings and treat them with kindness. It is a great book for kids! — Macy (10)

We are twins and we read this book because our aunt and our favorite cousin showed it to us. It made us think about our feelings and we felt good after reading it. our grandpa just passed away and this book made us feel better about our feelings made it eisier for us to talk about it. We think lots of kids should read it because it will make them better understand their feelings!Instead of five stars, we would give it a million if we could! Thanks so much Lauren Rubenstien for writing this awesome book! we hope everyone will enjoy it as much as we did!!!!!!!!:) — Ashley and Sara (9)

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  1. How did I miss the release of this important, beautiful book? Bravo, Dr. Rubenstein, for a much-needed book on how to process our feelings in a healthy way. I could have used this for my children when they were young. I can use it for myself now!

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